Temporary Work Permit UAE

Temporary Work Permit UAE 2024: The Comprehensive Guide

In the United Arab Emirates, work permit are a requirement to be legally employed in the country. There are different kinds of work permit in UAE like permanent or temporary work permit in UAE and other various natures of work and durations.

We cover what are temporary work permit. We also go into details about the temporary work permit requirements.

Understanding Temporary Work Permit in the UAE

Companies hire remote employees to work for them for a specific period. This temporary nature of work calls for temporary work permit to be obtained.

Who Needs a Temporary Work Permit?

Employees who work on a project basis, contribute to short-term projects or are employed in industries where the workforce is frequently scaled owing to the needs of the company at that time. Temporary work permit in the UAE are for them.

Benefits of Having a Temporary Work Permit in UAE

Temporary Work Permit in UAE

Temporary work permit in UAE have their own merits. They are quite important in UAE and of course, something so significant is bound to have some great deal of temporary work permit Dubai benefits. These consist of professional development, a wider perspective of diverse industries, and more ways of interacting with talented individuals.


These temporary work permit offer a huge range of flexibility. Employees get the freedom to work for small-scale jobs without getting tied to them for a longer term. The offered flexibility makes it one of the major temporary work permit Dubai benefits.

Trial Periods

With temporary work permit in UAE, companies usually test out employees they consider potentially ideal to offer them a permanent position. Employer of Record Services in UAE come into play in these situations to make the decision of deeming them fit. Companies prefer temporary work permit for offering work on trial basis. This later leads to going for a permanent permit or stopping the partnership once the trial duration ends. Trial periods were made to the list of temporary work permit Dubai benefits for both parties.

Market Testing

There are better opportunities to examine the market and its trends. Temporary work permit let the employees test whether they are a good fit for a particular market. They learn the demands of certain markets in their work. This helps in making better-informed decisions.

Companies find market testing in their list of temporary work permit Dubai benefits too as they assess the temporary workforce along with doing a test run on their projects. This provides a better perspective on if the project is feasible in the long run.

Experience and Networking

Employees get a vast chance of networking opportunities when they go for short-term employment with a temporary work visa. They get to meet more people and interact with individuals across various industries. This builds an expanded network as a result of temporary work permit Dubai benefits.

Working with a temporary MOHRE work permit equips the employee with more experience in different companies and industries. It is because they get to work on more projects. This makes them more experienced with adapting to arising situations and challenges.

Financial Gain

Having temporary work permit UAE will see an increase in financial assets when the employee gets hired for work. It is a seemingly insignificant advantage in the grand scheme of things. But it should not be neglected as it provides financial stability to the temporary staff. Working on projects of shorter duration is preferred by many than getting turned down for long-term projects.

Eligibility Criteria of UAE Temporary Work Permit

Qualifying for a temporary work permit will require fulfilling the criteria for eligibility.

The employee must have the qualifications needed for the job role. They should be above eighteen years old to be of legal employment age in the United Arab Emirates. Temporary work permit UAE requirements encompass getting screened for specified medical tests and having insurance coverage.

What are the documents required for a UAE temporary work permit?

There are some documents needed for temporary work permit in UAE. These include essential documents:

  • Medical and health insurance
  • Financial proof
  • A Passport & Visa
  • Valid MOHRE work Permit number
  • Employment contract
  • Residence Permit

These are the among essential documents. A health card and proof of insurance work as a sort of clearance. Backing up the employee’s financial stability are their bank statements. Salary threshold, bank letters, and sometimes a guarantee from the employer.

Temporary work permits requirements include a recent photograph, employment offer letter, and passport copy of sponsor, residency visa, NOC, and a signed contract by both parties too.

Cost of UAE Temporary Work Permit

It is calculated with keeping different factors in mind. Adding to the temporary work permit UAE costs will be expenses for visas, permits, licenses, medical screening tests, and insurance coverage.

Application Process

The process to apply for temporary work permit visa will involve going to an established center for this purpose or logging into the relevant portal. Sort out all the documents and submit them. Pay the required fee. Get your temporary MOHRE work permit. The application process becomes far easier with professional services like that of The UAE Gate.

Difference Between Temporary Work Permit vs. Residence Visa vs. Freelance Visa

Temporary work permit are distinguished from residence visa in UAE and freelance visa because of the core differences in purpose and duration. A temporary work permit does not open the doors to the employment benefits and perks meant for a regular job. Temporary work permits is last for six months. It takes comparatively less time with its application process.

A freelance visa is for freelancers working in Dubai where temporary work permit are meant for employees working on a project basis.

How does UAE Gate help you in obtaining a work permit in UAE?

As a leading company formation service in UAE providers, there is no denying that some things are best handled by a professional. The process becomes convenient. It is less stressful to get help from UAE Gate than trying to figure out everything on your own. Get in touch with us to simplify the process of getting temporary work permits. We will assist in making this process less intimidating for you.

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