Obtain top-notch Employer of Record services in the UAE!

If you want to extend your business presence without establishing a legal entity within the region, The UAE Gate is here for you! Obtain the support you deserve and obtain the best corporate services to develop in Dubai.

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    Benefits of EOR service providers

    With us, you will obtain:

    Personalized Approach

    Our Employer of Record company will give you the customized assistance you need to meet your needs when entering the UAE.

    Comprehensive Support

    We can give you the all-around Employer of Record solution you deserve to enhance your operations in the region.

    Legal Compliance

    Receive the legal support you require to adhere by the laws and guidelines that oversee the formation process.


    Make the most out of our Employer of Record UAE services

    We are different from other Employer of Record companies thanks to the top-notch solutions we provide in the UAE. With our professional support, you will receive:

    Employer of Record payroll services

    Recruitment and hiring

    Visas and permits

    EOR solutions.

    HR support

    Taxing and compliance

    Licenses and more!

    Let us assist you in the UAE expansion with our EOR services!

    Applying for permits, monitoring payroll, and complying with the local regulations could be a maze with no end for any business trying to expand beyond the borders of a single country. Here, our EOR Employer of Record services will act as the pivotal point. We work in collaboration with you to address your needs in the areas of international employment rules, payroll administration and HR management solutions by supplying you with an experienced support team.

    Whether it is to enter a new market or expand your current operations, our EOR service is the best way to have a smooth transition. This means that you can concentrate on what your business does that is important to you while we deal with the complexities of hiring and maintaining the workforce that are in compliance to country’s laws and customs.

    Partnering with us means that you can take on the UAE market with no problems. We have a team of experts that are ready to provide you with the knowledge you need to relocate your whole business to the region. Hiring us will guarantee that your business will be at its peak; working at full capacity while entering a new market.

    Take our Employer of Record in UAE as a complete solution for all.

    The services of our Employer of Record in UAE offer a range of tailored solutions which have been designed for you in order to take care of the entire employer processes ranging from the very start to the ending with the aid and support throughout. From the employee onboarding process to monthly payments of salary and benefits, we assure building any location as a place with best workplace environments.

    We have a wealth of experience in local HR regulations and international compliance that enables us to control risks and ensure smooth operations, giving your business scalability and sustainability in any market. Work with us and experience the peaceful tranquility that emanates from the relationship with a reliable partner who is dedicated to giving only results that will satisfy you.

    Reach out to our team and obtain the best EOR solutions

    Contact our The UAE Gate team and learn all about our top-notch Employer of Record services.


    Obtain the complete support you need for your UAE expansion with us

    Our professionals will give you the assistance to deal with the ups and downs of developing a new business in the UAE. Our Employer of Record services guarantee:

    Secure Processes

    With us, you can rest assured that your documents and paperwork will be safe.

    Cost-Efficient Packages

    You will obtain a cost-effective package according to your needs.

    Ongoing Support

    With The UAE Gate, you can receive the ongoing support that will take you far!



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