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Get the professional support you need to start your UAE offshore company with The UAE Gate. We can give you the solutions you need to streamline your entry into the local market and obtain successful results!

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    Benefits of UAE offshore company formation

    Here are some of the advantages of offshore company formation in UAE:

    Custom-Made Solution

    We can give you the ideal service package for your offshore company setup in UAE.

    Legal Assistance

    With us, you can obtain the knowledge you need to comply with the local guidelines.

    Customer Support

    Obtain top-notch customer support from our team of professionals in the area.


    Get the best out of our services and start your offshore company setup UAE

    Obtain our business setup services and forget about the challenges and difficulties of establishing as an investor in the region. With us, you will be able to:

    Obtain visas

    Get licenses

    Receive approval

    Get tax support

    Clear documents

    Establish your business

    Enter the market and more!

    Enjoy hassle-free offshore company setup UAE with our team

    UAE offshore company formation with The UAE Gate is basically an unrivaled opportunity for entrepreneurs who may be looking to establish a stable and tax-free company. We have acquired deep knowledge and vast experience in offshore company formation. Consequently, making it quick and simple for customers to navigate through the complex process of offshore corporation establishment.

    We take their clients through the whole process, from choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction to making sure the regulations are met accordingly. This precise approach does not only streamline the paperwork but also allows business owner to concentrate the core business activities confidently.

    Once you start our partnership, all you have to do is give us the necessary information about your business. Consequently, we will do what is in our hands to give you the most professional business setup in Freezone experience you can ask for. We have years of experience working with the biggest UAE companies.

    The best business partner for all your needs in offshore UAE

    What makes The UAE Gate stand out is that we never compromise on delivering solutions that are custom to the peculiarities of every client. WE always put transparency and integrity as one of the key points to be sure that the client gets nothing but honest and reliable advice at all the stages of the offshore company formation.

    Additionally, our services do not stop at the initial setup but include continuous attention to businesses, such as supporting banking ties, planning a framework for the business, and complying with regulatory requirements. Entrepreneurs who work with The UAE Gate will have a real ally who focuses on the optimal formation of their offshore company and the business’s lasting success.

    Our experts will let you know the requirements to start your business. Subsequently, we will help you obtain the necessary visas and permits to work and live in the UAE. Finally, our agents will finish up the process by guiding you to open a local bank account.

    Get in touch with us and start your offshore company in UAE

    Contact our professional team and let us give you the support you need for your offshore company formation in UAE.


    Premium support from experts for your offshore company setup UAE

    Thanks to the support of our professional team, you will be able to succeed and obtain positive results from your offshore company UAE. Make the most out of what we offer now:

    Licensing Support

    With us, you will be able to select the ideal license for your business and apply for it, so you can start trading as soon as possible.

    Receive Visas

    Get the necessary visa to invest in the UAE with our support; likewise, we can help you obtain employee visas and dependent visas.

    Flourish Offshore

    Our team is more than ready to give you the tools and resources you need to flourish as a top investor in offshore UAE.



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