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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a fast-growing economy with employment increasing every year. Therefore, the unemployment insurance UAE must be an important tool for those who are temporarily without a job. To understand what is it, how to apply for it, and who is eligible to get the benefits, one must be ready to do some research.

In this article, we will explore how unemployment insurance can go a long way in securing the UAE employees. As well as how they can maximize the support it provides. Additionally, we shall look at why unemployment insurance matters to the economy of the nation in general. 

Comprehensive Guide: How Unemployment Insurance Works in the UAE

Among other social security schemes, UAE unemployment insurance is an option that provides support to the unemployed. These benefits are provided to employees who are laid off for other reasons, including layoffs or business closures. All employers in the UAE are required to provide unemployment insurance as part of their employee benefits. This coverage is available to employees who have been employed for at least six months. In order to have a right to the social insurance fund, a person must have worked for at least twelve weeks before the termination of the employment contract. In addition, these individuals must receive the basic salary set by the UAE government.

Employees become members upon registration and can receive up to one-third of their salary over three months. The amount of benefit depends on the earnings, with bigger earners collecting higher pay-outs. The program can include extra services. Such as, free medical care, loans, and assistance with job search.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) is in charge of unemployment insurance in the UAE. To be eligible and collect benefits, employees must register with the MOHRE. The MOHRE also offers advice and support to persons seeking unemployment benefits.

Unemployment insurance is a critical safety net for UAE residents who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. In an increasingly unpredictable environment, it contributes to financial stability and peace of mind. It’s crucial to remember that unemployment insurance is only a temporary solution, and individuals who get it should actively look for new work.

Benefits of Unemployment Insurance UAE

Unemployment insurance in the UAE has several benefits for both workers and employers. Some of these perks are:

  • Providing a monthly allowance to unemployed workers for up to six months. Depending on their previous salary and contributions. The allowance can assist workers pay their basic living expenditures and maintain their life quality while looking for employment.
  • Covering the cost of training and career guidance programs for unemployed workers to enhance their skills and employability. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) provides training and career advising programs. Which is the government agency in charge of regulating the labor market. Furthermore, it also offers assistance to both employees and employers.
  • Encouraging employers to retain their workers and avoid layoffs by reducing their labor costs and social security contributions. Employers who participate in the unemployment insurance scheme pay less in social security contributions than those who do not. Additionally, this can help them save money and improve their competitiveness.
  • Supporting the economic stability and social welfare of the country by reducing poverty and inequality. When people lose their jobs, unemployment insurance can help them avoid slipping into poverty and debt. It can also help to alleviate the social and psychological consequences of unemployment, such as stress, sadness, and criminality.

Understanding Unemployment Insurance UAE: Benefits and Coverage

The Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund (ADRPBF), a state company that controls the UAE’s retirement and social security systems, administers unemployment insurance in the UAE. The unemployment insurance scheme, launched in 2011, covers all UAE citizens working in the public or private sectors, as well as international workers with a valid work permit and residency visa.

Employers and employees both contribute to the unemployment insurance program. The contribution rate is 0.5% of the worker’s base salary. Which has a basis from their paycheck on a monthly basis. The business additionally pays the ADRPBF 0.5% of the worker’s base income. The general contribution rate is 1% of the employee’s basic wage.

The unemployment insurance program provides a monthly payment to qualified individuals who lose their jobs due to reasons other than their own, such as redundancy, termination, or contract expiration. You can calculate the payment thinking about the worker’s average earnings in the preceding 12 months prior to the time they were not working anymore. With a minimum and maximum limit. The minimum monthly compensation is AED 300, while the maximum monthly stipend is AED 5,000. However, you can determine the length of the allowance by the worker’s age and years of service.

Essential Steps to Obtain Unemployment Insurance UAE

If you are wondering about Unemployment Insurance UAE how to apply? The answer might be easier than you think. This aid is a useful benefit that aids persons in the UAE who have lost their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control. Therefore, it provides financial aid to help former workers get back on their feet. Here are some crucial procedures to get UAE Unemployment Insurance:

  • Register with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE): 

All potential claimants must first register with the MOHRE. You can do this in person or online.

  • Apply for Unemployment Insurance: 

Claimants must complete out the appropriate application forms and present supporting paper. Such as, a valid ID, proof of work, and proof of earnings. All this in order to apply for their Unemployment Insurance UAE.

  • Submit Claimants’ Form:

 After completing all the necessary forms, claimants must submit them to the MOHRE.

  • Attend Interview: 

Claimants must appear in person for an interview with a MOHRE representative. They need to check if the person if the Unemployment Insurance UAE is necessary for the askers.

  • Receive Approval: 

If the application is successful, claimants will receive a letter of approval from the MOHRE.

  • Get Your Payment: 

Benefits will be paid out on a monthly basis to claimants. Individuals in the UAE can obtain Unemployment Insurance and financial aid by following these steps. 

It is important to highlight that the individual’s previous earnings influence the number of benefits they receive.

The specific steps to apply for unemployment insurance

The employee must register with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) within one month of losing their job. As a result, the MOHRE will provide a certificate of eligibility for unemployment insurance to the worker.

Furthermore, the worker must submit an application form to the ADRPBF within three months of quitting their job. The application form is available at any ADRPBF branch or you can get it from the ADRPBF website. In addition, the following papers must be included with the application form:

  • A copy of the worker’s passport and Emirates ID
  • Copy of the worker’s work permit and residence visa
  • A copy of the worker’s last salary slip
  • Copy of the certificate of unemployment from the MOHRE
  • A bank account statement showing the worker’s IBAN number

The ADRPBF will review the application and verify the documents. Once they grant the application, the ADRPBF will begin distributing the allowance to the worker’s bank account within one month of receiving it.

The worker must report to the MOHRE every two weeks to update their job search status and to participate in any MOHRE training or career assistance programs. Additionally, the worker must also inform the ADRPBF of any changes in their personal or financial situation. Such as, finding a new job, getting married, or leaving the country.

Application Procedure: Applying for Unemployment Insurance UAE

The following is a summary of the unemployment insurance application process in the UAE:

  • Register with the MOHRE within one month of losing your job and get a certificate of unemployment
  • Submit an application form and supporting documents to the ADRPBF within three months of losing your job
  • Receive your allowance within one month of approval
  • Report to the MOHRE every two weeks and update your job search status
  • Inform the ADRPBF of any changes in your situation

How can UAE Citizens and Residents Apply For Unemployment Insurance UAE?

UAE nationals and residents can apply for unemployment insurance UAE using the processes and requirements we have been describing. They can also visit the ADRPBF website or phone their customer service department for further information. It is always accessible for assistance.

What is Unemployment Insurance Scheme in UAE?

The Unemployment Insurance Scheme (UIS) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a social safety net which goal is to provide economic assistance. All this to eligible members of the workforce who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The approach, supported by UAE firms and workers, bridges the gap between unemployment and finding a new job.

Individuals who have been out of work for at least three months and are registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation are eligible for financial assistance under the project. The amount of financial assistance received by a person is decided by their pay and the number of years they have worked.

Furthermore, the UIS aids those who are unable to obtain job due to a physical or mental disability. They also assist persons who have been laid off due to a firm restructure or downsizing.

The UIS is an exemplary example of the UAE’s dedication to ensuring the financial stability of its inhabitants. It aims to eradicate poverty and provide a social safety net for those in need by providing financial assistance to persons who have lost their jobs. Furthermore, the UIS encourages businesses and employees to invest in their staff, therefore increasing job stability and security.

Who is Eligible For UAE Unemployment Insurance?

Everyone who has worked in the United Arab Emirates for at least six months is eligible for unemployment insurance. To qualify, individuals must have worked in the UAE for an employer who has contributed to the national social security scheme. However, employees who have been working for a company that did not register with the program are thus disqualified.

Furthermore, persons who do not have a job must meet certain standards in order to get insurance benefits. They must be in possession of a valid work permit, an unemployment card, and have filed a claim with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. They must also have contributed to the national social security system for at least six months.

To collect unemployment insurance, individuals must submit a claim form to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The claim form must include information such as the individual’s current and previous employers, employment dates, and salary details. Individuals must also show documentation of their income. Pay stubs or bank statements, for example, can be used to substantiate their claim.

Individuals can get unemployment benefits for up to six months after their claim is approved. The amount of the benefit is decided by the individual’s salary history and other factors. 


The Unemployment Insurance UAE program is a helpful initiative that offers financial assistance to persons who have lost their jobs in the Arab country. It assists those who are currently not working. Allowing them to continue their livelihoods while looking for a new job. The initiative also assists in reducing the economic load on people who have lost their employment and in creating economic stability in the local community. 

Overall, Unemployment Insurance UAE is a useful program that assists individuals who are unemployed in maintaining their standard of living and being self-sufficient.

However, if you need more information on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are always willing to lend out a hand. 

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