All You Need To Know About Tax Free Dubai

All You Need To Know About Tax Free Dubai

We all know it is a bit weird when we hear about a tax free Dubai. However, let us tell you that it is true, as there is no income tax or other taxes for individuals. Learn all about it here! 

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about this tax policy by reminding you that in June 2023 a 9% corporate tax was introduced for companies. However, small and medium-sized companies in the free zone can go 100% free.

Exploring Tax Free Dubai: Benefits, Insights, and Key Considerations:

Let us take a look at what is a tax free Dubai, the advantages of taking advantage of this unique environment totally tax free in Dubai. Plus, how this is possible to have a tax free business in Dubai

Read on for valuable information about the opportunities to live and work in Dubai tax free.

Benefits of Tax Free Dubai:

  • Purchasing power: Because we have duty free Dubai, it allows us to have a greater share of income.
  • Investment promotion: Duty-free Dubai tax policy attracts investment from all over the world, which contributes to sustained economic growth and job creation.
  • Stimulating growth: By not having taxes on our profit, it encourages the establishment and expansion of our business in the region.

Perspectives and reflections:

  • Global competition: Tax policy offers us the advantage of significant competitiveness on the international stage. 
  • Economic stability: The lack of taxes can boost us in the short and medium-term growth, but we must keep in mind our long-term model.
  • Social justice: The fiscal model also raises issues along with equity and wealth redistribution.
  • Resource management: Our prudent management of resources is essential to ensure that our revenues generated from other sources are effectively invested in infrastructure, education, and health among others.

Key considerations:

  • Tax compliance: Despite Dubai being free of direct taxes residents and businesses must comply with local tax regulations, including indirect taxes such as aggregate tax (VAT).
  • Financial planning: Proper planning is paramount to maximize our profits. 
  • Education and awareness: Everyone in general should educate themselves and be aware of tax changes and regulations to avoid surprises from constantly changing laws.
  • Sustainability and responsibility: This issue is fundamental to ensure continued economic growth and the well-being of society.

How does tax free work in Dubai?

Dubai tax free system is characterized by the absence of direct taxes on personal and corporate income. These policies are attractive and one of the main reasons why Dubai.

It is a popular destination for investors, professionals and residents from all over the world. Here is how is tax free in Dubai and how much is tax free in Dubai.

Absence of direct income taxes:

To be tax free Dubai residents are not subject to tax on their income, whether from salaries, bonuses, dividends, or other sources of income.

Similarly, companies are not required to pay taxes on their profits, which makes for an attractive business environment.

Indirect taxes:

Although it is free of direct taxes, it does apply indirect taxes such as value-added tax (VAT) since January 2018.

VAT in Dubai is 5% and applies to most of our goods and services, including commodities, entertainment, and professional services. Some goods and services are exempt. such as education, health care, and exports.

Other fees:

Apart from VAT, Dubai imposes other fees on us, such as property registration fees, our business licenses and vehicle registration fees.

All of these fees are relatively low compared to many places and are used to cover the costs of the services and infrastructure provided by the government. this is done to keep tax free Dubai 

Investment and talent attraction:

Dubai tax free policy is a key factor for foreign direct investment and talent from other countries. 

The lack of personal and corporate income taxes allows us to have more income, which drives our economic growth and innovation.

Dubai Tax Free Living: Your Comprehensive Navigational Guide

What do you think about living in duty free Dubai? it may sound like a unique and challenging environment. But, that is exactly why we are going to provide you with a guide to understanding and making the most of this duty free living in Dubai

Residency and visa: 

Firstly, to live tax free we need to obtain a proper residency visa. This may vary depending on whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, investor, or retiree.

Education and medical care: 

Let us not forget that Dubai offers a wide range of educational options and healthcare services. But do not forget the associated costs and make sure they are covered in your financial plan. 

Housing and cost of living:

The cost of Dubai can be very high, especially when it comes to housing. We must do some research on our available housing options.

Investments and business: 

Dubai is generally a thriving business center with many opportunities due to its popularity of tax-free businesses. However, we must understand the tax and legal regulations in place before undertaking any business activity. 

Indirect taxes: 

Although Dubai does not levy direct taxes on personal and corporate income. There are indirect taxes such as value-added tax (VAT).

Lifestyle and opportunities:

Let us not forget the cosmopolitan and vibrant life, with an incredible wealth of entertainment, culture, and recreation. Making the most of these opportunities and enjoying everything is something that should not be missed.

How does Dubai run tax free?

How a tax free Dubai can function, may sound far-fetched, but you have to consider the measures a city takes to function tax-free.

No direct taxes:

This city does not impose personal income tax or corporate income tax on residents or businesses operating within its companies. As a consequence, we and the companies are not obliged to pay taxes on our profits generated in Dubai. Start your Company in UAE to leverage Dubai’s tax-friendly environment. With no personal or corporate income tax, businesses flourish, enjoying profits without tax obligations. Explore the benefits of this favorable landscape.

Strategic economic vision:

Dubai’s status as a tax-free business city seeks to encourage foreign investment by encouraging entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Diversification of income sources: 

Although is a tax free Dubai, it generates income from other sources such as:

  • Fees
  • Tariffs 
  • Indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax

All these revenues finance public service, infrastructure development, and government initiatives.

Business Friendly Policies: 

Dubai’s tax-free government favors entrepreneurship and investment. These include simplified regulations, investor-friendly visa schemes, and free zones that offer 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions. Dubai’s tax-free environment promotes entrepreneurship and investment with simplified regulations, investor-friendly visa schemes, and tax exemptions. Explore opportunities with ‘Visa Services in UAE for comprehensive support in navigating the favorable business landscape.

Global competitiveness: 

By offering a tax-free environment, it enhances global competitiveness. As a consequence, it attracts multinational companies among others, thus contributing to the status of a leading business center in the region. 

Stability and security: 

By having political stability, security, and commitment to the rule of law. Dubai provides security and confidence to resident investors, which encourages long-term investment and sustainable economic development.

How much tax refund do you get in Dubai?

As tax-free Dubai, please note that the concept of refund applies mainly to Value Added Tax VAT. This is mainly paid by tourists on certain eligible purchases

The amount of the refund will depend on the value of the purchase made and the application process, here are some key points about this measure.

  • VAT rate. First of all, the standard rate of the value-added tax is 5%, this means that tourists making eligible purchases are subject to this tax on the price of the purchased goods and services. 
  • VAT refund. Tourists can request a refund of the VAT paid on certain purchases.  It generally represents a percentage of the total amount of VAT paid on eligible purchases. 
  • Refund procedures. Please note that tourists must follow a procedure that includes the presentation of the purchase receipts and request for refund at designated points such as International airports before leaving the country 
  • Varied amount. This may vary depending on the value of the purchases made and the policies of each store or establishment. In general, tourists can expect to receive 5% of the value of eligible purchases subject to VAT.
  • Eligible products. Finally, please note that not all services or products are eligible for VAT refunds in Dubai.

There are usually restrictions and conditions that apply that must be taken into account as tourists when shopping at participating establishments.

Understanding VAT Refund in Dubai: Eligible Items and Requirements

Understanding how the tax refund works is essential so that we can benefit from this tax relief. But, what is a refund in Dubai? It is a process by which we as tourists can recover VAT paid on eligible purchases.

Made during our stay in Dubai. This scheme aims to encourage tourism and stimulate the economy.

We must remember that when we as tourists buy things in Dubai, VAT is included in the price of the goods purchased. However, we can apply for a VAT refund when we leave the country and get our money back.

To be eligible we need to make purchases at participating establishments and the products purchased must be exported out of the UAE. Generally, within 90 days of purchase.

The process involves several steps:

  • First, we must purchase the items in participating stores and request the VAT refund forms at the time of purchase.
  • After leaving the country you must present the forms, along with the original receipts to the customs authorities at the assigned points.
  • Once this is completed your forms will be stamped and you will be able to claim the refund in cash or through other means provided. 

Dubai VAT Refund Eligibility: Qualifying Items and Guidelines

Now that we know what it is and how it benefits us let us take a look at the allowable items and requirements we will need to apply for the refund. 

  • Goods for export. items purchased as tourists to export them out of the country are usually eligible for a refund.
  • Non-consumable goods. items such as watches, works of art, and designer items may qualify for a VAT refund.
  • Minimum purchase amount. Generally, as tourists, we need to spend a minimum amount on eligible goods within a single purchase to qualify for a refund. 


  • Participating merchants. Our purchases must be made at merchants that participate in the IV rebate scheme. We should look for stores that have the free buys logo and make sure that the store is registered in the VAT refund program.
  • Documentation required. We will need receipts for our purchases, a completed VAT refund form, and our passport. We may need additional documentation depending on the merchant and the amount spent. 
  • Stamping of documents. Before leaving the country, we will need to stamp our VAT refund documents at designated points. Such as customs counters at international airports. This step is necessary to finalize the refund process.

What items are eligible for VAT refund in Dubai?

The items eligible for VAT refund are usually those purchased by tourists. Here are some examples of what these items could be:

  • Electronics: Such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and similar electronic devices.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry made of gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones. 
  • Clothing and accessories: Such as branded garments, handbags, shoes, and fashion accessories. 
  • Leather goods: Wallets, belts, or other high-quality leather products,
  • Art and handicrafts: Such as work of art, sculptures, carpets, and traditional handicraft products. 

Now you know what a tax free Dubai is, also that you can set up tax free business in Dubai. Likewise, you know how much is tax free in Dubai. So, what to expect to settle down, whether you are a businessman, resident or a tourist?

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