Blue Residence Visa

What is Blue Residence Visa 2024? Check Eligibility and Application Process

Today, the UAE become an attraction for talented individuals who are looking to fulfill their successful life. With the introduction of the Blue Residence Visa, the UAE has expanded its appeal to a new breed of pioneers: those committed to sustainability. This innovative visa provides a 10-year residency permit, allowing environmental champions to contribute their knowledge and help build a greener future for the UAE and beyond.

The UAE blue residence visa is a unique and emerging visa type in the ocean of visas. This visa is specifically designed to appreciate the individuals who play their role in benefiting the environment.

It’s a 10-year residency visa that allows individuals to reside within the boundaries of the UAE. It is offered to pay them regard for their significant contributions to environmental protection

In this article, we help you with everything about a blue residence visa. For instance:

  1. The purpose of the Blue Residency Visa
  2. The eligibility criteria to obtain Blue Residency Visa
  3. Benefits of UAE Blue Residence Visa UAE
  4. Cost of the Blue Residency Visa
  5. How to apply for a 10-year blue residence visa?

And more! So let’s start exploring each detail with us one by one.

Blue residence visa in UAE

Understand what is the Blue Residence Visa Program?

The UAE Blue Residence Visa Program is a 10-year residency visa. It is granted to individuals who made significant contributions to protecting the environment. It includes marine life, air quality, land-based ecosystems, sustainability technologies, and others

Purpose of This Visa in UAE’s Sustainability Goals Initiative

The purpose of the Blue Residency Visa is the commitment of the UAE to become a global leader in offering sustainability solutions. The nation wants to attract and retain top talent for environmental protection. As it drives innovation while help in tackling climate changes

Who is Eligible for the Blue Residency Visa?

The Blue Residence visa is a 10-year residence visa. It is specially crafted for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to environmental sustainability and protection. The contributions are appreciated by the UAE government both inside and outside the UAE.

The visa is granted for the supporters of environmental action, such as:

  • Members of international organizations
  • International companies
  • Members of associations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Global award winners, and
  • Distinguished activists and researchers in environmental work.

The blue residence visa in Dubai is given to both Emirati and non-Emirati

Benefits of the UAE Blue Residence Visa

In this section, we share blue residence visa benefits. A few of them are as follows

Long-term residency

The individuals can enjoy the extended residency period under a blue residency visa. It provides stability and security for individuals and their families

Collaboration opportunities

The holder of the blue residency visa can work in the UAE without the company sponsorship. It facilitates career and entrepreneurship

Access to resources

The blue residency visa allows individuals to get access to various government services. It includes:

  • Healthcare
  • Education, and
  • Banking, on par with Emirati citizens.


The blue residency visa holder is eligible to get citizenship in the future. It offers them long-term integration into UAE society. Also, they can enjoy extra rights and privileges

What is the cost of a UAE Blue Residence Visa?

The cost of the Blue Residency Visa for UAE varies from case to case. It depends on several factors such as the applicant’s age, his/her profession, they want to apply for themselves or with family. The fees may change over time. To know the exact cots, it is advisable to get help from the UAE official government website. You can also consult the immigration authorities for up-to-date information

Other Types of Residence Visas in UAE

There are several other visa types that are available in the United Arab Emirates, and each one has particular requirements that have a set of requirements. Depending on the type of visa you need, you must choose the appropriate kind. Some of the strangest methods for obtaining a visa in the United Arab Emirates are these.

Employment Visa

The foreigners can obtain a standard work visa from their employer. It is valid for two years. This visa type allows non-residents to work in the private sector, government sector, or a free zone.

Investor Visa

The investor visa is also called a partner visa. The individuals who want to establish their business in Dubai can avail of the investor visa. By having an investor visa, you can start operating your business both in Dubai’s mainland or free zone as well

Business Visa

The business visa service in UAE is a special permit that allows expats to live in the United Arab Emirates for a specific period. This type of visa is the part of UAE Golden Visa. It also covers long-term visas for applicants and their dependents

Retirement Visa

Foreigners who are retired can apply for a retirement visa. It is a long-term visa of 5 years. To get eligible for it you should have worked for 15 years or more. It can be applicable on both resides inside or outside of UAE. The age limit should be 55 years old or more. Also, he/she is expected to have a property of AED 1 million

Student Visa

To study in the UAE, the individual needs a student visa. The student visa is sponsored by the higher education institution in the UAE. It can be also obtained by sponsoring through a local relative. It is valid for one year and at a time. The visa holder needs to be renewed annually

Family Visa

The family visa UAE is an immigration document. It is for families who want to move to the UAE. If you are a family member of the resident’s family, then you can remain and work inside the UAE through a family visa

Freelancer Visa

In the UAE, if you avail freelancer visa services in UAE so individuals are allowed to run their businesses while they travel around the UAE. Under a freelancer visa, the expats can work remotely

Golden Visa

The UAE golden visa is a long-term residence visa. It enables expatriates to reside, work, or study in the United Arab Emirates. They can avail of several benefits under this visa type such as:

  1. Entry visa for six months with multiple entries and
  2. A renewable visa which is valid for 5 or 10 years

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How to Apply for this 10-Year Blue Residence Visa?

There are two main ways to apply for a 10-year blue residency visa which are direct application and nomination process.

  1. Direct Application
  2. Nomination

Direct Application

Environment sustainability individuals can obtain the 10-year blue residency visa by applying directly to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICA)


The experts can obtain this visa through nomination by competent authorities in the UAE as well

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However, if you are an individual with significant contributions to protecting the environment then you can apply for a blue residence visa. It is a 10-year residency visa.

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